Доклады конференции EDM 2020

Опубликованы доклады конференции EDM 2020:

  1. Жечев Е.С. «Experimental Study of the Buried Vias Effect on Reflection Symmetric Modal Filter Performance».
  2. Белоусов А.О. «Multicriteria Optimization of a Three-Conductor Modal Filter Using Mass-Dimensional Criterion».
  3. Носов А.В. «Revealing New Possibilities of Ultrashort Pulse Decomposition in a Turn of Asymmetrical Meander Delay Line».
  4. Демаков А.В. «TEM Cell for Testing Low-profile Integrated Circuits for EMC».
  5. Самойличенко М.А. «Additional Pulses in the Time Response of a Modal Filter with a Passive Conductor in the Reference Plane Cutout».
  6. Черникова Е.Б. «Reflection Symmetric Meander Line Protecting Against Ultrashort Pulses».
  7. Алхадж А.Х. «Approach to Estimation of Radiated Emission from Circuits with Modal Reservation».
  8. Газизов Р.Р. «The Detection of Voltage Extreme Points of the Shielded Power Supply Bus under the Ultrashort Pulse Excitation».
  9. Хажибеков Р.Р. «A Device for an Ultrashort Pulse Attenuation in Common and Differential Modes in the High Voltage Power Supply Circuits of the Spacecraft».
  10. Сагиева И.«Modal Analysis of a Microstrip Line with Polygons in the Air».
  11. Черникова Е.Б. «Using Composite Insulating Materials to Improve Modal Filter Performance».
  12. Сагиева И. «The Influence of Temperature on Microstrip Transmission Line Characteristics».