Доклады конференции SIBIRCON 2019

Опубликованы доклады конференции SIBIRCON 2019:

  1. E.B. Chernikova, A.O. Belousov, T.R. Gazizov «Analysis of frequency characteristics of a reflection symmetric modal filter».
  2. E.B. Chernikova, A.O. Belousov «Method for detecting additional pulses in the time response of structures with modal decomposition».
  3. A.V. Medvedev, V.R. Sharafutdinov «Using modal reservation for ultrashort pulse attenuation after failur». 
  4. M.A. Samoylichenko «Influence of boundary conditions and coupling enhancement on the attenuation of a modal filter with a passive conductor in the reference plane cutout».
  5. V. Dubreuil, A.V. Osintsev «Designing multiple PID controllers based on an FPGA for controlling the temperature of TEM-cell surfaces».
  6. S. Karri, R.S. Surovtsev, A.V. Nosov «Propagation of pulse signals in the turn of a meander microstrip delay line».
  7. A.V. Nosov, R.S. Surovtsev, T.R. Gazizov «Propagation of UWB pulse in two turns of meander microstrip line connected in cascade».
  8. Rustam R. Gazizov, Ruslan R. Gazizov, T.T. Gazizov «Simulating the influence of electrostatic discharge on a spacecraft power supply bus».
  9. Ruslan R. Gazizov, T.T. Gazizov, T.R. Gazizov «The influence of pulse rise and fall times on N-norm portraits along power supply bus».
  10. A. Hasan Alhaj  «Investigation of the distorting methods of reducing the peak-factor of the OFDM signal».
  11. I. Trubcheninova «The system for monitoring the quality of EMC MSc programs implementation».
  12. A. Busygina «Methods for ensuring the sustainability of pacemakers».
  13. E.I. Shpit, O.V. Sobolevskaya «Analysing the level of academic writing literacy of TUSUR graduate students».