Electromagnetic compatibility simulation software

TALGAT system is a feature-rich software suite for electromagnetic compatibility(external link) (EMC) simulation. It runs natively on Windows*, GNU/Linux, and Android.

TALGAT system is designed for computer simulation of a wide class of problems of electromagnetic compatibility by performing the following main functions:
  • import of printed circuit board designs from Altium Designer* and Eagle PCB* with automated generation of 2D and 3D models for simulation;
  • quasi-static analysis (calculation of matrices) of arbitrary 2D and 3D structures of conductors and dielectrics;
  • electrodynamic analysis of arbitrary 3D structures of conductors;
  • computation of time and frequency responses of transmission lines;
  • structural and parametric optimization (generic algorithms(external link), evolution strategies(external link), implicit filtering algorithm).

TALGAT system allows detailed and rapid analysis of electrical circuits and provides for the following types of modeling:
  • analysis for a given set of parameter values;
  • analysis in a given range of parameters;
  • optimization in a given range of parameter values.

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