Talgat Mobile is a version of the TALGAT system for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) with Android OS(external link).

Download Talgat Mobile (alpha version). Please note that this version is released for testing purposes only and there are no guarantees or warranties expressed or implied. Use at your own risk.

Bug reports, questions and feedback are welcome at the official forum(external link).


American and European high-tech companies are facing an ever growing problem of hiring talented young engineers for new projects because universities can not attract more students interested in engineering degrees. Modern children prefer to spend hours playing mobile games instead of crafting an electronic toy constructor by hand. TALGAT Mobile brings the educative component of electronic toy constructor on mobile platforms. At the same time, TALGAT Mobile is built on top of an innovative simulation core developed for spaceborne hardware design and can be used by students, engineers and scientists to solve real-world problems. A major advantage of TALGAT Mobile in comparison with competitors is availability of multiplatform (Windows, Linux, MacOS X) desktop version of the software fully compatible with the mobile version both at interface and file format levels. In addition to that, the development plan includes the integration of cloud computing capabilities which will provide for a single-click transfer of calculating tasks to cloud servers.


  • Schematics input
  • Circuit simulation
  • Signal plotting in time and frequency domain

Planned features

  • Advanced simulation methods (2D and 3D electrostatic, 3D electrodynamic)
  • Interactive textbooks
  • Educative games
  • Single-click transfer of computational tasks to cloud servers
  • Optimization modules (genetic algorithms, evolution strategies)


Talgat Mobile screenshot

Talgat Mobile screenshot

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